Landcare Nursery

The Landcare Nursery is located at 57 Haranui Road and open to all South Head residents.

All income generated by the nursery goes to South Kaipara Landcare to enable us to carry out projects in South Head for the benefit of residents, the environment and of course the birds.

Call Elon on 09 420 8337 and make a time to go and see the wide variety of native plants available.

Nursery Price Guide

Size                         Cost
PB 3/4                       $1.00
PB2,PB3                      $2.00
PB8                          $3.00
PB18                         $15.00
PB28                         $25.00
PB40                         $30.00

A “PB” is the black polythene planter bag which is used to grow the plant in.  PB stands for Pint bags.  The number on a PB bag signifies the volume which is  measured in pints of soil. 1 Pint = 600ml, as a rough guide multiply the PB number by .6 to get the volume in litres of the bag.

The height of the plant does not always correlate with the bag size – it varies depending on species and the length of time the plant has been potted into a particular bag.