Pest Control

Our Annual Pest Control Day was held on the 22nd July at the South Head Community Hall in Donohue Road.

We have been given a grant by Auckland Council to buy a few different kinds of traps which we will lend to residents.  Please contact us if you are interested in participating in this scheme as we have some traps available now.   If everyone trapped the pests on their own land then we would be well on the way to being pest free.  We will be asking for a refundable deposit on each trap and that a record be kept of all catches.  If the resident no longer wishes to use the trap then it will be made available to the next in line.   All data will be uploaded to CatchIT an Auckland University initiative which analyses the data into maps and charts.  This data will give us a visual of hot  spots and numbers of pests in the area and valuable data.  Being a peninsula we have a really good chance of becoming predator free and introducing wildlife back into the area to thrive.  The remaining areas of native bush will also benefit.