Pest Control


Kaka – stoats, ferets and possums threaten their survival

The South Head peninsula is home to many threatened and endangered species which are at the mercy of pests like stoats, ferrets and possums.  Stoats and ferrets also attack chickens, and possums are very effective at stripping fruit trees.

The first step is to understand what pests you have

  • Look for any signs eg rat poo, mouse poo, rat or possum toothmarks on fruit. The Pest Detective is a great website with tips and tricks on identifying pests.
  • Chew cards and/or tracking cards and tunnels are other options for identifying the presence and location of predators on your property. The Predator Free NZ website has information on these – chew cards, tracking cards and tunnels.
  • Predators will often use regular pathways in the grass, along fence lines, down the side of the house, near compost bins and waterways. Look out for tracks in these areas.

Then you can start trapping

There are plenty of websites with information on traps.  Below are a few you might like to visit.

Predator Free NZ –

New Zealand Landcare Trust – Trapping Guidelines Booklet We thank New Zealand Landcare Trust for allowing us to use this excellent resource.

Auckland Council. Pest Animal Control – guiding principles for community groups and landowners

free trapsSouth Kaipara Landcare also has a range of traps available for locals to use

Click here to see a list of traps available for loan.

Committee members experienced in trapping are on hand to explain how to safely use the traps and the best methods for catching pests.


Kereru – Rats, stoats, cats and possums eat their eggs and young; stoats and cats will also attack and kill adult birds.

In return we ask that you keep a record of all your catches.

If you no longer wish to use the trap then it will be available to the person next in line.

The trap loan project has been made possible thanks to support from the Auckland Council.

Email to find out more about using one of our traps.